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Rainbow Audiology was established to provide comprehensive testing of hearing of children aged 18 months to 18 years.

Experienced professionals carry out age-appropriate hearing tests in an environment that warmly welcomes children. Testing is carried out in a large sound-proof booth that complies with Australian / New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS1269.4), and parents can sit in on the test or watch their child having their hearing tested through an observation window.

Testing of older children usually involves pressing a button or raising a hand whenever they hear a noise, and for younger children it may include playing a game or watching a toy light up every time they respond to a sound they have heard. The movement of the eardrum is also routinely tested by gently placing a probe into the outer part of the ear, and measuring how the eardrum responds to different pressures.

At the end of the test, results are discussed with parents. A report is provided with a graphical representation of hearing (an Audiogram), and a copy is sent to the referring doctor, your family doctor, and / or any other health professionals involved in your child’s care.


Hearing is important for the development of normal speech and language, and to enable a child to reach their potential in every facet of life. A hearing test should be considered if any of the following apply.

  • your child is not responding when you say things to them, or they often ask you to repeat yourself
  • your child has to turn their head in a certain direction in order to hear you
  • your child appears to be lip-reading
  • the TV volume has increased
  • your child has had repeated ear infections or has been diagnosed with fluid in the middle ear (also known as "glue ear" or "otitis media with effusion")
  • there are concerns regarding your child’s concentration, learning, or academic progress
  • your child is having difficulty being understood when speaking
  • your child appears to be imbalanced, frequently falling, or clumsy
  • your child is not forming sounds or words properly
  • teachers or other caregivers have voiced concerns regarding any of the above – a mild hearing loss may not cause problems in a quieter home environment, but may become more problematic in a noisier daycare / kindy / school environment


For some children, especially those with grommets, it may be necessary to keep water out of the ears when swimming or bathing. We carry a brand of earplugs called Doc’s Proplugs, which come in 8 different sizes. We would be happy to size your child’s ears and supply these earplugs which fit snugly in the outer ear.


It is our policy to receive full payment on the day of the hearing test. For your convenience we offer Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa) and EFTPOS facilities.

Fees are discussed with you at the time of booking the appointment.

A Medicare rebate applies if your child has been referred by your GP or other Medical Practitioner – please use our Referral Form. Some Private Health Insurance policies also offer rebates for Audiology services – please contact your Private Health fund, if applicable, to determine whether any additional rebates apply.

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The Memorial Hospital

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North Adelaide SA 5006

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Enter via the Main Entrance of The Memorial Hospital which is located on Sir Edwin Smith Avenue. Rainbow Audiology is located down a short corridor to the right, just after the Hudsons Coffee Store.

ENT Consultant: Dr D Wabnitz